Web Development

Web Development


Full Stack Development
We deal with all layers of the web application stack so we can handle whatever your company/organization needs.
Clean Code
We follow best coding practices, implement design patterns, and choose the right framework for your project.
Fast & Functional
We know all websites must be not only functional, but fast, so develop with optimum performance in mind.

At Gray Owl Works web development is our specialty. Whether you need a beautiful responsive website with lots of functionality, an elegant and modern custom web application, and/or a custom API to handle your organizations needs... we have you covered. With a formal education in Computer Science and many years of experience building websites and web applications for some of the areas largest companies and organizations, you can rest assured that you'll get a top notch professionally built product. Why pay an agency $5,000-$10,000 (or more) for a subpar product when you can eliminate the middle men and get a website/app developed by a real professional for a fraction of the cost?

Having worked with and for various agencies in the area, we are very familiar with how other web development companies operate and the quality of their output. When it comes to web development, many agencies either have developers with severely outdated skills (which means you're paying for a product which is outdated the second it's launched), or they don't even have real developers and just fill out a website template for you. If their developers don't have up to date skills, then you're left with a website or app that is breaking constantly and doesn't look good on all devices. If their developers aren't really developers, as soon as you want to change up how something looks or how something functions, you're out of luck.

At Gray Owl Works, we have the skills and experience necessary to tackle just about any website or web app development project. Attention to detail is our top priority and we stay on top of the constantly changing industry standards so your website/application is beautiful, modern, and functional. Do you want to tweak or change up design elements? No problem! We don't use website templates and have the front-end skills necessary to change anything you want in the design. Do you want to tweak or change any special functionality? No sweat! We have the front-end and back-end skills necessary to make anything you want happen.

Programming Languages & Frameworks

If you're looking for a truly professional and modern website or web application, try to avoid the hacks and old-school developers who permeate agencies. If you're shopping around for bids, ask if their developer(s) have a formal education. Ask to see some of their most recent work and see for yourself if it really looks good on all devices and functions properly. If you like what you see, make sure the developer(s) who made those websites/apps are still with the company. Ask if they'll be able to handle any changes to the design or functionality down the road. If the answers to any of these questions leave you feeling uneasy then give us a shout and see how we can help. We can do it all for as low as 1/10 the price major agencies charge, and more importantly, we deliver truly professional websites and web applications. Don't pay more for less just because you think a big agency will deliver better quality... they usually don't.

Why choose us for your web development needs?

Coding Coding

In today's market, your website/app needs to be responsive, fast, and adhere to modern web standards so that your content is available to the widest spectrum of users and functions properly. We utilize the tools, frameworks, and techniques necessary to keep your product displaying optimally and beautifully across all devices and to keep load times to a minimum. When it comes to functionality we build custom WordPress themes & plugins, customize existing WordPress themes & plugins, or develop entire web applications from scratch depending on your needs.

Rigorous testing and delivering a bug free and functional product is of utmost importance to us. For any application effort, we consistently test throughout development to make sure any bugs are found early, can be fixed more easily, and to ensure more modular and easier to maintain code is written. We are devoted to building products that are easy to use, functional, and most importantly products that will stand the test of time. If you need your code done right, we have the skills, education, and experience.

We handle every aspect of launching and maintaining a new website or web application as well. Whether you prefer to have your website/app hosted on your own server or one of our private servers, rest assured your end product will be launched smoothly and with minimal down time. We have the skills and experience needed to deal with any hosting environment and to tweak server configurations as necessary. And if you also want us to maintain your website/app, we'll handle backups, security, updates and so much more for a small monthly fee. See our Website Maintenance page for more details.

We are a CNY web development company serving Utica, Oneida, Rome, Syracuse and beyond.